The Benefits of Piano Study


Posted:Thu, Jan 15, 2015

The Benefits of Piano Study

There are many benefits of piano study. Here are a few:

1) Music study is good for the mind; many studies show that over all children who study music do better in school.

2) Music study builds concentration, and focus. Having to practice and learn to read and play music requires a high level of mental engagement.

3) Music study gives people the experience of working toward long term goals. It takes and patience time to prepare a piece of music that is ready to be played for others.

4) Playing music helps to relieve stress. Music can be an outlet for negative feelings. Concentrating on playing a beautiful or exciting piece of music can help us feel positive,

5) Performing music can do wonders to build confidence; even the occasional “bad” performance can be a valuable learning experience. Perhaps the students learns that she must prepare more diligently for the next recital, or perhaps she had prepared but nervousness or some other problem kept her from playing her best. In this case, she must learn that this is sometimes the way things turn out and she will have the opportunity to do better next time.

6) Music study is fun, or at least it should be. Music can be a solo activity, or can be played with others. Making music with friends is one of life’s greatest experiences.

7) Playing an instrument is something you can enjoy all of your life. I have musician friends in the 80’s and even 90’s who still play as well or better than ever.

8) I really cannot think of any good reasons not to learn to play the piano. After all most people tell me that, they wish they could.


Can you think of any benefit of piano study that I’ve missed? Leave a comment.

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