The Best Piano Teacher in Town Free – Preschool Webinar 

The Best Piano Teacher in Town Free Preschool Webinar 

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 12:00 pm ET

Imagine having a great time teaching preschoolers. Teaching little kids on the keys. Imagine those lessons are so much fun that you could teach eight three-and-a-half and four-year-olds back to back and feel energized and inspired. Imagine that you are really teaching them music, they love it and their parents are not just happy but thrilled. Imagine you can’t wait to get to work because it’s so much fun and the time flies by.


This is what I posted 2 years ago…

This isn’t only possible, this is my life. I left my well-established studio of beginning through advanced students behind. I said goodbye to West Palm Beach Florida and came to Cleveland Ohio ready to start teaching. I have a home studio but I also teach three days a week an arts center that is famous for Kindermusik, as a result, I have 25 students (so far) 19 of whom are four years old or younger. I love it and here’s why.

Fast Foward 2 years and I am still teaching almost all of those preschoolers who are now reading music, playing well, and loving the piano!!

Here’s why you should consider teaching preschool students.

Parents and Students are Ready

I find that parents who value music can’t wait to sign their kids up for piano lessons. Many have dreamed of playing themselves and really want their children to learn to play well. Little kids get excited about almost everything so it’s super easy to get them on board. It’s not unusual to see mom, dad, and even grandparents coming to see what’s going on at the lesson. These families are ready to enroll buy a piano and get going.

Preschoolers Grow into Great Students

Little kids on the keys are great! When you start a student at a young age you have plenty of time to teach them all of the skills they know to be great players. You, not some other teacher. As a qualified teacher, you can be sure they are learning correctly. In my Florida studio, I had many students who’d begun playing as preschoolers these kids grew into fine pianists. I keep I touch with many of them and they are still playing. In fact, many say they can’t remember a time when they didn’t play the piano.

Preschoolers Continue

I had a student’s mom many years ago start her son on the piano at three-years-old. People would ask her “why have him start so young?” “because when he is twelve he will probably want to quit but he’ll already be good.” she would answer. What happened to that kid? He didn’t quit because he could play so well by the time he was a teenager, why would he? Why would anyone want to quit something they are so good at. My strategy is to get them to a high level of playing by the eighth grade so that even if they can’t practice as much in High School they have the piano…for life.

Little kids on the keys are Great for Your Bottom Line

Other teachers say no to preschoolers, I say Yes! So does one other teacher the arts center. Guess what? We have more students than everyone else combined. Preschoolers are a huge pool of potential students. In a marketplace that is more and more competitive, teaching preschoolers can really help fill your studio and create the waiting list you wish for.

What’s holding you back?

Actually, know what’s holding you back. I’ve talked to a lot of teachers. I know it can be hard teaching young children. It isn’t easy to communicate with people who are just learning how to communicate themselves. The crying, the silliness, the wiggly-ness and the general mayhem these little munchkins come with can be a challenge in itself. Not to mention the fact that you can not just open a method book and start teaching for 30 minutes. It’s no wonder that a lot of teachers would prefer to pass.

I Can You Show You How to be a Great Preschool Teacher.

I really can. How do I know so much about the subject? Besides raising my own five boys and being a Nana to the three cutest preschoolers in the world, I have been teaching piano to preschool students for over 30 years. I have 16 years of experience in a Montessori classroom, four years of Suzuki training and I am a certified Early Childhood education and music K-12 teacher.

Read the post “Preschool Skills and Goals”

What’s Coming

I am going to be sharing everything I know about teaching our littlest piano students. Starting with a Preschool webinar on 2/5/2020 at 12 noon ET. We will begin by talking about teaching preschoolers; and all things piano teaching. I also will be sharing hands-on preschool activities plus lots of new resources and music available here at Paloma Piano.

I will cover how to communicate with preschoolers. How to get on their level and connect with them. (Get ready for “Super Why” and “Sophia the First”) – If you don’t know who these “people” are you need to stay tuned.

How to set realistic goals so that parents know exactly what to expect and will rejoice in what their child is learning with you as a teacher.

Exactly how and what to teach preschoolers so that you are not just playing and wasting time but learning demonstrable musical skills.

How to read preschool emotions so that you will know how to get them to cooperate and learn. When to push a little harder and when to back off.

How to deal with parents (this is important). Preschoolers need a parent at the lesson and helping at home. I will show you how to get parents on board and be ready to work with you. I will show you how to come across as an expert preschool teacher so that parents will be amazed at how you handle children and grateful that you are their child’s teacher.

I will show you how to have so much fun teaching preschoolers that you will wonder why you haven’t done it before. If you already teach preschoolers you will be able to take it to the next level.


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The New book is here.

Everything I know about teaching preschool piano students is in it.

The first half of the book addresses;

How to determine readiness, what to teach, how preschoolers learn, how to deal with preschool students and parents and much more.

Part two contains dozens of hands-on activities you can make and use when teaching the piano preschoolers.

Get your copy today!



So keep in touch. I look forward to working with all of you.

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