Bring the Torch Jeanette Isabella

This joyful duet arrangement of the French Christmas tune “Bring the Torch Jeanette Isabella” will be a delight for your intermediate students to play at Christmas a recital or church service.

History of "Bring the Torch Jeanette Isabella"

"Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella" is a Christmas carol which originated from the Provence region of Francein the 17th century. The song is usually notated in 3/8 time.

The carol was first published in France, and was subsequently translated into English in the 18th century. The song was originally not meant to be sung at Christmas; it was considered dance music for French nobility.

The song title refers to two female farmhands who have found the baby and his mother in a stable. Excited by this discovery, they run to a nearby village to tell the inhabitants, who rush to see the new arrivals. Visitors to the stable are urged to keep their voices quiet, so the newborn can enjoy his dreams.

To this day, on Christmas Eve in the Provence region, children dressed as shepherds and milkmaids carry torches and candles while singing the carol, on their way to Midnight Mass. Wikipedia

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Listen to "Bring the Torch Jeanette Isabella"

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