Paloma Piano - Earth

More new music to help us all with our beginners, especially those online beginners who are having some struggles with note reading.

I have 8 planet pieces in the queue. Each one features 3 components. A 5-finger "John Thompson" style piece where beginners can set up and follow the fingering.

The second page is note and rhythm review and page 3 is the original piece without all of the fingering numbers. This gives students a chance to build confidence and practice reading notes and rhythm at the same time.

Similar to the "Spring Baby Animals" collection these pieces are a big hit with students. Each piece features a picture of the planet the piece is named for and some fun facts. It's a win-win!

Platinum and Platinum Basic members can take this opportunity to relax and have some fun teaching beginners online or in-person.

This music is available for unlimited downloading for our Platinum and Platinum Basic members. This means all of your students can enjoy it.

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A Studio License $15.00

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