Fairest Lord Jesus Piano Arrangement

Image of Fairest Lord Jesus Piano Arrangement
Fairest Lord Jesus Piano Arrangement

This beautiful hymn "Fairest Lord Jesus Piano Arrangement" begins music that sounds like church bells ringing. Written as a church offertory this piece is suitable for Teachers or Advanced Students.

The History of "Fairest Lord Jesus Piano Arrangement"

"Fairest Lord Jesus Piano Arrangement" is an arrangement of one of the most beautiful and touching hymns in the Christian hymnal. The tune, originally a Silesian folk song, and the German text were printed for the first time in 1842 by August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben, Ernst Richter. It was published under the name  (Most beautiful Lord Jesus). It is also known as the hymn "Beautiful Saviour".

According to some accounts, it was called "Crusader's Hymn". Some people believe it was sung by German Crusaders as they made their way to the Holy Land. William Jensen Reynolds dismisses as "completely untrue" any association of this hymn with the Crusades. The words may have originated in the Jesuit Order, which came into being after the Crusades. The tune emerges in Franz Liszt's Legend of Saint Elizabeth. In this piece, the tune forms part of the "Crusader's March". There is no evidence of the tune exists prior to 1842 when the hymn appeared in the Christian hymnal. Wikipedia

A Certain Church Favorite

"Fairest Lord Jesus Piano Arrangement" will be a favorite at your church on Sunday morning. It is not to difficult to learn. This arrangement is perfect for meditation, altar-call or offertory. Paloma Piano is happy to add some music just for teachers because teachers love to play too! We know you will enjoy all of the great music, resources, games, and materials offered to Paloma Piano Gold andPlatinum level members. Consider becoming a Platinum Level member today.

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