First 4 Before – Week 1

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I have created a new workbook called  "First Four Before, A Method book for Students in the Process of Buying a Piano".  Lessons can be printed out one week at a time. Each week contains work that can be done:

At the Lesson

  • Music that can be worked on at the lesson.
  • A Rhythm Duet for piano and a rhythm instrument.
  • Music history and Music Theory that can be discussed at the lesson (Including a Composer Highlight)

At Home

  • A daily worksheet or game
  • A fingering exercise
  • Rhythm Work
  • Note Spelling
  • A Listening assignment

There is also a parent information packet with practicing tips, encouraging posts about how great it is to study the piano and a piano buying worksheet.

Here are Screenshots of First 4 Before - Week 1

You can also take at Look Inside Paloma Piano's First 4 Before - Week 1 using our PDF Viewer

Week 1      Week 2      Week 3      Week 4       Parent Booklet

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