This is an upbeat arrangement of the classic tune "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho" Later-Intermediate students will love playing this piece for recitals or just for fun.


The song is believed to have been composed by slaves in the first half of the 19th century. Some references suggest that it was copyrighted by Jay Roberts in 1865.[2]In 1882, the song was published in Jubilee Songs by M. G. Slayton and in A Collection of Revival Hymns and Plantation Melodies by Marshall W. Taylor.

Early published versions include some parts in dialect, such as "fit" for "fought". The lyrics allude to the biblical story of the Battle of Jericho, in which Joshua led the Israelites against Canaan.  However, like those of many other spirituals, the words may also be alluding to eventual escape from slavery – in the case of this song, "And the walls came tumblin' down." The lively melody and rhythm also provided energy and inspiration. Critic Robert Cummings wrote: "The jaunty, spirited theme hardly sounds like the product of the pre-Civil War era, and would not sound out of place in ragtime or even jazz music from the early 20th century. The closing portion of the tune, sung to the words quoted above, is its most memorable portion: the notes plunge emphatically and impart a glorious sense of collapse, of triumph." wiki [9]

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