Los Pollitos


Los Pollitos Dicen ("Little Chickens") is a classic Spanish Nursery Rhyme De juego, and also falls under the Nana or Cancion de cuna category. Many spanish speaking countries lay claim to this song such as Ecuador and Spain, but its origins are unclear. Its popularity is similar to that of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in English.

What better way to appreciate people and cultures from around the world than by playing music. This little nursery rhyme is beautiful and lively. Students will love playing the piano 1 part as a solo but will love playing the duet even more!

Los pollitos dicen
pío, pío, pío

cuando tienen hambre
cuando tienen frio.

La gallina busca el maiz
y el trigo

les da la comida y les
presta abrigo.

Bajo de sus alas,

duermen los pollitos hasta
el otro día!''

Little chickies squeal,
pio pio pio,

When they are so cold, and when
they want a meal.

Mama goes and gets them corn
from the field,

serves them each their food, and
warms them head to heel.

Chickies sleep so yummy,
snuggled up with mommy,

And that’s just where they’ll stay
until another day. Wikipedia

Listen to "Los Pollitos"


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