Method Book 1 – Accelerated – 2 Sided Printing

 Accelerated Book 1

For our Platinum Members, I have a brand new accelerated method book. This book features selected pieces from Book 1 and Book 2.

It's great for older students, transfer students who need some extra note reading practice, or for use in conjunction with another method book series.

All of Paloma's Method books are straight forward, they feature realistic engraving, step by step, note introduction, and leave out unnecessary fingering. This means that students learn to read independently.

Accelerated Book 1 like all of the resources at Paloma Piano are designed to bring excellence to piano education. To bring the joy and mastery of the piano to people of all ages.

I also want to make life easier and more profitable for teachers.

Platinum Members

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This book contains content from Books 1 and 2 formated for Accelerated Students.

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