Mountain Run

If you are looking for an easy piece in a 5 finger position Mountain Run is the ticket. This fast-paced piece will delight beginners of all ages. Kids and adults will enjoy the d minor tonality and the whimsical nature of the piece. This piece was written to motivate students who are working hard and need something fun that can be learned in a flash.

Playing Fast

Some students are naturally "fast players" while others tend to play more slowly. In either case, this little piece is perfect. The students who love play at a quick tempo can play as fast as they like. Those who play slowly can challenge themselves to play faster. Either way, this piece will be an all-time favorite.

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Help with technique

Mountain Run is so easy to learn that students can concentrate on hand positionĀ and technique. Students who struggle with reading can learn the music by rote. Making it a great recital selection.

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