Play By Ear Holiday Card Game


Your students will love this Play by Ear Holiday Card Game There are unlimited ways to use the cards for loads of holiday fun!

  1. Print out the cards and have your student choose a Holiday Song to play by ear at the lesson. You can tell your student which note to start on.
  2. Have a student choose a card to take home. If they are not familiar withthe piece he can listen to it and try to play it.
  3. Print out the cards play some of the piece and move along the gameboard the first one to reach the star wins.
  4. Use the cards and game board for a group class. The team that reachesthe star first wins.
  5. Have each team choose a card play or sing the first few notes and see ifthe opposing team can guess the song.
  6. Print out an even number of sets of cards and play a memory matchinggame.
  7. Play the first 2 notes of the melody of a song and have students guess theinterval.
    There are so many ways to play!

I have included the names of the most popular Christmas songs in the Public Domain. There are 2 blank sheets of cards that you can use to add more current holiday songs if you would like.

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