Preschool Activities Book

This is the original Preschool Book.

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Preschool students love hands-on activities! In fact, they need hands-on activities. Little children learn best when they are engaged and happy. Using hands-on activities and a great curriculum that is specifically designed for piano students is the key to successful piano teaching. You will find tons of great activities in the "Preschool Activities Book".

Why work with Preschool piano Students?

When you start a student at a young age you have plenty of time to teach them all of the skills they know to be great players. You, not some other teacher. As a qualified teacher, you can be sure they are learning correctly. In my Florida studio, I had many students who’d begun playing as preschoolers these kids grew into fine pianists. I keep I touch with many of them and they are still playing. In fact, many say they can’t remember a time when they didn’t play the piano.

What's in the Book?

The "Preschool Activities Book" will show you all of the hands-on activities and off-the-bench activities I use every day while teaching my preschool students. It will show you how you can make each activity and exactly how to use it. Your students and their parents will love all of the fun colorful activities you are presenting.

I love working with preschool students! They are so sweet and funny. Preschoolers tend to stick with the piano because they learn to play while they are still young. As long as you have lots of hands-on activities like the one in Paloma Piano's "Preschool Activities Book" your preschool lessons will go smoothly.

Information for Piano Parents

Paloma Piano has a sister-site called There your students and their parents will find lots of information pertaining to the process of learning to play the piano.

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