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What is Paloma Piano’s Gold Membership?

Paloma Piano gives piano teachers the most generous offering of forever free printable piano method books sheet music, games, and resources available anywhere on the internet.

Paloma Piano’s Creator Doreen Hall is a 35 year-veteran piano teacher who knows the ins and outs of teaching and knows what teachers need to keep a studio running joyfully, peacefully, and profitably.

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Gold Membership

What’s included in the Gold Membership?

The Gold membership allows teachers to download and reprint,

Method books 1a, 1b, 1c,

Music Theory


Major Scales and Arpeggios

Parent Book

Various piano games

A selection of supplemental solos and duets.

Blog posts

Video gallery

and more resources are always being added.

Weekly Freebies if you stay subscribed.

What else can Gold members expect?

Paloma Piano Gold members can expect to be members of a community of teachers who share ideas. Paloma Piano sends out weekly emails containing informative posts for teachers, updates about new music, resources, and free offerings.

Paloma Piano’s creator Doreen Hall is always available to answer any questions related to music and piano teaching. We also have a tech support team to help with any tech-related questions.

How long can I remain a Gold Member?

The short answer is forever!

Paloma Piano’s Gold membership allows unlimited printing of Gold level music and resources for your students/studio while you are a Paloma Piano Gold member.

There is never a charge for Gold Membership and you may remain a Gold Member as long as you would like.

Why are you giving so much away?

Paloma Piano strives to give teachers everything that is needed to run a studio of beginning through intermediate students. We want teachers to be able to experience a good sampling of the materials that we have to offer.

We never take credit card information from Gold Members and we never sell or share your information with anyone.

Do you offer a paid membership?

Yes, Paloma Piano offers a Platinum membership. Platinum Members have unlimited access to everything on the website plus, Platinum Members are able to resell out materials to their students.

How do I sign up for the free Gold membership?

Fill out the form below.

Please be sure to enter your first and last names in your registration. These will be used to stamp all of your downloads so that you can legally reproduce these for your studio/students.

Once you have completed the registration process you may go to the login page and begin to use the materials on Paloma Piano.

You can read the full terms of use here. By registering, you are agreeing to these terms of use.

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