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Paloma Piano is your One-Stop Site for Quality Printable Piano Sheet Music PDFs, Printable Piano Method Books, Piano Games, Worksheets and Piano Teaching Resources. Everything you need for your Piano Teaching Studio in ONE place.


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Paloma Piano has 2 great exclusive membership options. Platinum and Platinum Basic!


Check out our payment options.

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Wait! Is this a membership?

Before you read any further I really want you to know what Paloma Piano is all about. I thought of this today when I tried to cancel my gym membership because I moved out of state. What a hassle!! They actually wanted a certified letter and I had to pay money to get out of it:(

How annoying. 

But it made me think, I would never treat my members this way. We ask for a one-year commitment from our members because there is a lot of music and a lot of resources at Paloma Piano. All of it available for use and unlimited reprinting for the duration of your membership. A one-year membership helps me to protect the music that has taken me years to create. Plus the price is super low so there is little risk to you.

However, at the end of the year if you want to cancel, just email me and I will take you off immediately. Even if you forget you have 10 days to cancel and get a full refund (after the first year). No hoops to jump through no letters to send just one email and that’s it. 

Now that I got this off my chest please read on and find out why you will love Paloma Piano’s membership.

Paloma Piano

You know what it’s like. The never-ending search for piano music, games, and worksheets. Stuff that will keep your students (and their parents)  happy, while at the same time actually teaching them something and making the lesson fun for them, and for you.


Here comes Alison, up the walk with Sandy, her mom close behind. It’s been a really hectic day already. The new book you have on order for Alison hasn’t come in yet and you didn’t have time to find something on the internet because you had to squeeze in a lesson from a panicked student who has an audition tomorrow. Alison is going to be disappointed (mom too) now what?

After Alison, you have a new student coming, Hunter. He’s only four (yikes) but his mom really wants him to start lessons, and truth be told you don’t want to turn down students. You have a method book but who knows if he’s ready for it. You need to find some music games and off the bench activities for him, right now. At this point you’re thinking, this is all way too stressful!

Does this story sound familiar?

I bet you could tell me a dozen more like it.

But This isn’t the end of it.

Combine this with the fact that you have nine back to back lessons. That’s four-and-a-half hours of trying to motivate students to learn to play the piano.  Four-and-a-half hours of “The C is sharped”, “put 5 on D”, “Count Please!” I know you get the picture.

Face it… despite what everyone thinks, being a piano teacher is not an easy job.

A frustrated teacher

It takes a teacher with beaucoup skills and a lot of patience to take a child from beginner to Chopin player. It also takes the right Method Books, Supplemental Music, and teaching resources. These things are essential to us, they are the tools of our trade.

It’s frustrating to deal with the limitations and the expense of pulling together just the right set of teaching tools and having them available when you need them. Music and piano resources that will motivate your students and help them learn to play well make a world of difference and can mean the difference between success and failure for the student.

The Right Stuff will make your job a lot easier and more fun.

You are faced with searching the internet or traveling to a music store. If you want to have everything on hand you have to shell out money and keep inventory ready. Both options are time-consuming and not predictable. Who knows what the music store has in stock? And how long does it take to find the right piece online?

You can always ask parents to get the method books and piano music… on second thought, we all know that doesn’t always work out.

How about having everything you need in one affordable place?

Save your time AND your budget!  

Doreen Hall - Founder of Paloma Piano

Hi, my name is Doreen Hall. I have been a piano teacher and a composer for over 30 years and I have been through all of the triumphs and the challenges that you face. Over my career as a piano teacher, I have developed many of my own Piano Teaching Resources and tools for many of the situations that I encountered over the years.


From rhythm exercises to pieces that struggling students could learn by rote before a recital; from my own set of piano method books to parent handouts that explain everything from why you need to buy a piano to the basics of piano studio etiquette. I found these tools to be really helpful and I know other piano teachers will benefit from them too.

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Everything You Need For Your Studio Right Here, Right Now!A Happy Woman

In 2013, I created Paloma Piano. My vision was to create a website that would be a one-stop-shop with every kind of piano teaching resource that piano teachers would need – everything in one place!

“10 minutes of Paloma Piano Platinum and my music for the semester is PLANNED.      Done.

Print the number of copies and enjoy. My students like the music, it looks great and I always know I can go back and get more (and print in a pinch during a lesson!)

The resources are awesome and I love the listening lists.

Thank you, Doreen!”

Sarah Ryan Buckley, Paloma Piano Platinum Member


Paloma Piano is both a comprehensive source for printable piano music and piano teaching resources AND it is affordable.

One of my frustrations as a teacher was constantly having to pull out my credit card for each piece of music that I needed. Have you ever tried buying a piece of music for a student online while mom sits there waiting for your credit card to go through? Do you have to go back and check your email and hope the music you just bought is in your inbox?

With Paloma Piano, once you sign up and pay for your membership, you have access to everything you need for your piano teaching studio – not $5 here and $10 there.

WITH PALOMA PIANO, YOU GET PAID TOO!You can make some Money too!

The other BIG difference between Paloma Piano and every other piano teacher’s resource site that I know of is that as a Platinum Member you can sell any of Paloma Piano’s materials to your students. In fact, I really encourage you to do so. Some of Paloma Piano’s Platinum Members charge students for the method books, others just charge a yearly materials fee to all of their students, but however, you do it – I want you to make money by using Paloma Piano’s music and resources.


Going on Vacation

My philosophy is simple: “the more successful and profitable I can help make your studio, the better of we both will be”. And if you see the benefit of being a platinum member, it will be a “no-brainer” when it comes time to renew your membership.

With the extra money, you can earn using our method books, games, and piano teaching resources you can literally take a nice vacation this year. When was the last time you did that?


Don’t believe it? Paloma’s 2 sided method books cost less than $1.00 to print out. They sell at the music store where I teach for $11.95. Another option I recommend is that Platinum Level Members charge a $50.00 per year materials fee to cover everything a student will need for the year.

If you have a studio of 40 students that’s $2,000 (minus the $147.00 you paid for your membership). Not to mention the money you saved on gas and shipping to get other materials.

This is big so I’m repeating it!

Going on a CruiseIf you have a studio of 40 students that’s over $2,000 (minus the $147.00 you paid for your membership). Not to mention the money you saved on gas and shipping to get other materials. That’s your vacation money right there. So, Bon Voyage!!


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                                  Of course, you can spend the money on anything you want.

Going Shopping


A Happy StudentThe printable piano music, the piano teaching resources, and the training you will receive as a Platinum Level Member will impress parents when they come to see you teach and that means more sign-ups.  When your students are learning to play beautifully and fall in love with the piano you can be sure they’ll stick with you like glue!!  This means you have a full studio and the best students in town!


Since I started Paloma Piano, I have been very busy pulling together top-notch printable piano music and piano teaching resources for my teachers. Here are some of the great piano resources that you will have in your bag of tricks when you become a Platinum Member of Paloma Piano. 


4 High-Quality Piano Method Books – From Beginner to Intermediate Level (over 350 pages)

The Petite People’s Primer – For Preschool Students (plus listening videos for students)

Rhythm Rx – A comprehensive book of Rhythm Exercises

Super Shorties – Extra Reading practice – A Supplement to Book 1

First 4 Before – Our one of a kind collection of activities for students who want to come to lessons but haven’t yet purchased a piano.

Major Scales and Arpeggios

Technique Book 1

Theory Book 1

The Parent Information Booklet

Pieces Boys Love to Play – for intermediate students

Over 70 Supplemental Piano Solos and Duets – Pieces for Beginning through Intermediate Students

Many piano games, resources, and worksheets – including many off-the-bench learning activities

Video Tutorials of Pieces that Beginners can learn by rote

Follow Me – A set of pieces that preschoolers can play by copying the teacher.

Paloma Piano Vocal Music

Digital Music Collection

4 New Music Theory Modules

Here is what you get with our Platinum Basic Plan

All of our beginning, early-intermediate, and later-intermediate solos, including seasonal solos and duets.

Plus, everything on the Piano Games, Worksheets, and Resources Page.


Here’s the best part – you can become a Platinum Member of Paloma Piano and have complete access to everything for just $147 per year – once you join, you’re done paying. per year works out to just over $11 per month for everything on the site. (We also have yearly and quarterly options.)


You can choose Platinum Basic for only $8.99 per month, and get all of our games, worksheets, and student solos and duets.


Now THAT is a great deal.

Just click the “Go Platinum” below to get full access today – no waiting or paying for shipping.


As a Paloma Member, You Get all of the Piano Games, Music, and Resources on the website for unlimited printing and you are licensed to sell them to your students. That’s over 24 Books and 50 pieces of music, games, and worksheets. And I’m always adding more! Every week I have even more things, just waiting to be published.

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Doreen Hall - Founder of Paloma Piano

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