About Paloma Piano

Welcome to Paloma Piano!

I am Doreen Hall a Piano Teacher, Pianist, and Composer. I have been teaching, performing, and writing music for over 30 years.

As an active piano teacher with a large and diverse studio of online and in-person students, I am seeing and experiencing the changes in our profession. I am finding that now more than ever we need music that students will be motivated to play. For some students that means music that is challenging to learn, for others, that means shorter easier selections. Many students need extra help with rhythm, and note reading. Sometimes a musical game is just the thing to keep things moving ahead during a lesson.

Paloma Piano has over 1,000 pages of resources including musical games and worksheets and piano and vocal music that includes a wide range of musical genres and levels.

Best of all, it’s all right here, just download and print or send. Check out the extensive library of music, games, and teaching resources that are just a click away.

Paloma Piano is a membership-based community of teachers. All of the resources available with your membership level are yours for unlimited use with your piano studio for as long as you are a member. I have several membership options including a forever-free membership that doesn’t even require a credit card to join.

I am always adding to the Paloma Piano Library. When I see a need or get a bright idea I create a new piece of music or a new resource and share it with you.







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