At The Carnival

Paloma Piano - At the Carnival

At the Carnival is a collection of 9 pieces for students who want something fun to play that is not to difficult to learn.

This beautiful collection of pieces is perfect for advanced-beginners. Intermediate students who can use some work on their reading skills. More advanced students will find them perfect for sight-reading practice.

Reading Worksheet

The final page in the book contains a reading worksheet that students can use to be aware of what is going on in the music before they begin playing.


The Pieces are Short and Varied in Style

Each piece is about 16 measures long. The pieces vary in style and contain interesting harmony and rhythm. Take a listen as you and your students imagine yourselves at a carnival.



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Cotton Candy

The Rollercoaster

The Ferris Wheel

The Fortune Teller

Toy Train

The Clown

The Carousel

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