Children’s Blessing

How sweet it is to see the youngest worshippers come forward for a special Children's Blessing.  This blend of "Jesus Loves Me" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children" is the perfect way to accompany any children's service or mass.

Slightly Jazzy this piece features peaceful rhythms and beautiful harmonies. Your congregants will think you are improvising as you play. The piece lasts about 5 minutes but there are many stopping points throughout the piece so that you can end at the appropriate time.

The music is easy to play sight-readable for many or can be learned quickly in time for Sunday's service. Children's Blessing is suitable for Prelude, Offertory, Meditation or Altar Call.  It is perfect for your more advanced students to play as well.

I hope you will enjoy playing this arrangement. It is something I used at my church almost every Sunday while the children came forward for their special blessing.

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