Follow Me Too

"Follow Me Too" is the companion to "Follow Me"  but for the left hand. Have fun with your youngest students while they learn phrasing, fingerings, note names and more. Each exercise has lyrics so that you can sing along.

This book is Perfect for working with very young or special needs students. Used in addition to the "Petite People's Primer" this collection will make lessons fun and help keep things moving right along. There is nothing else like it out there. So much fun to use, so easy to play and so educational at the same time.


These exercises help students with the following skills:
  1. Fingering
  2. Phrasing
  3. Memorization
  4. Concentration
  5. Following Directions
  6. Ear Training
  7. Learning to sing back pitch
  8. Gaining a sense of rhythm and beat
How it  works

Your Students will love "Follow Me Too" and you will enjoy teaching with these little pieces. Each exercise is only 4-8 measures long. The exercises are divided into short phrases that your students will easily be able to imitate. You can sing the lyrics or call out notes or fingering numbers whatever you determine works best for your student.

Students and parents love this interactive series. It is perfect for keeping your youngest students engaged and enjoying lesson time.

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