It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

This meditational piece  "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" for Later Intermediate Players is rich in beautiful harmonies. Perfect for A Christmas Eve Candlelight Service or a quiet Christmas Party.

Everyone loves Christmas music! Students do well when they can play music with which they are familiar. "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" is one of the most beloved Christmas hymns. Help your students learn to play fluidly and accurately as they explore the Christmas repertoire.

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Edmund Sears composed the five-stanza poem in  1849. It first appeared on December 29, 1849, in the Christian Register in Boston.

Sears served the Unitarian congregation in Wayland, Massachusetts, before moving on to a larger congregation in Lancaster. After seven years of hard work, he suffered a breakdown and returned to Wayland. He wrote It Came Upon the Midnight Clear while serving as a part-time preacher in Wayland.Writing during a period of personal melancholy. With news of the revolution in Europe and the United States' war with Mexico fresh in his mind, Sears portrayed the world as dark, full of "sin and strife", not hearing the true Christmas message. Wikipedia

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