Midnight Moon

This Method Book 1b "Midnight Moon Piano Solo" favorite features a tiny bit of hands together playing and a teacher duet. A great first recital piece.

Midnight Moon Piano Solo

Students love this little piece that features a teacher duet. Midnight Moon also includes a tiny bit of hands together playing at the end of the piece. Perfect for a first recital piece or festival selection. Here are the lyrics,

I can see the smiling moon.

Midnight Moon

Shine upon the midnight sky

Chase away the darkness

light the midnight moon.

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Paloma Piano offers a full line of Method Books that you can download for your studio. These method books created by a 30-year veteran piano teacher really help students learn to read and understand music. The method is skill-based. The information is presented step by step so that students can absorb and practice each new skill. The books use realistic engraving and leave out unnecessary fingering so that students learn to read, count and understand music. "Midnight Moon Piano Solo" is included in the method books.

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