Musical Terms Game

Students love piano teaching games. I also enjoy playing games with my students. I think it's great to take a few minutes to have some fun and reinforce those difficult to remember musical concepts using the "Musical Terms Game"  It is very important for students to know the basic musical terms, but with only 30-60 minutes per week, it's hard to cover everything students need to know.

That's Where a Game Can Help

It's true that musical games can be a fun break during a lesson. But there are many good reasons to include musical games during piano lessons.

Musical games are hands on. Students use sight, touch, and sound while playing games. Games are fun and interactive this combination means that kids will pay attention and absorb more of what we are teaching them. This is because they are doing something and not just listening to us tell them something. This is also a great way to find out just what our students are retaining.

How to use this Game


Have fun playing this musical game with your students. Roll the die, select a card and move ahead when you get the right answer. Whoever gets to the end of the board first wins. The "Musical Terms Game" takes only about five minutes to play making it perfect for use during a thirty-minute lesson.

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Games are a great addition to any piano teaching studio. Paloma Piano has a full line of printable games. worksheets and resources that you can enjoy using with your students.

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