Peace Silk

Here's what's brand new at Paloma Piano, vocal music! Peace Silk is the first of many vocal selections that will be published in the upcoming weeks.

I am super serious about writing lyrics and composing vocal music that inspires singers of all ages and paints a picture of the world around all of us. Songs that reflect the diversity of humanity and bring us together in peace and harmony.

This song is about a mother making a silk dress for her young daughter. The dress is called a Cheongsam it is a beautiful traditional Chinese dress.

The title "Peace Silk" reflects the new way that silk can be made without harm to the tink silkworm.  See Ahimsa Silk

Here are the lyrics to Peace Silk

"Oh the silk is a gift of the mother moth My Cheongsam from my mother
who weaves fine cloth.

Tiny silkworm spins her thread slumbers in a silken bed
sleeping peaceful still and warm
silk strands growing smooth and strong

Mother does unwind the spool washes it in a water pool
then she dips and dyes the thread Indigo Blue and Balvin Red"

I teach voice and I know many piano teachers who do also. It is my sincere hope that this new vocal collection will be an asset to your studio.


Listen to Peace Silk

I have posted an mp3 of the piano accompaniment.

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