Petite People’s Primer – Student Book

Teaching Preschoolers is so much fun. Paloma Piano's Petite Peoples Primer Student Book makes it super easy for your students to explore the keyboard. Early musical training pays off as students get a jump on ear training, note names, fingering, technique and other important pianistic skills.

This set of books comes with a complete set of videos that your students can watch as they listen to the music they will be learning. These can all be found in the video gallery along with an instruction video on how to use the Petite Peoples Primer.

The Primer can be taught totally by ear and by rote. To make it even easier for your students and parents the Petite People's Primer Student Book. Parents and students can follow along as they learn to love the piano.

The Primer does not focus on teaching music reading. The purpose is to allow young students to familiarize themselves with the piano and learn to enjoy piano lessons.

This book can be used along with Paloma Piano's "Preschool Activities Book" This combination will guarantee that lessons will be super fun for you and your students.

Big Alpha Notes and Fingerings make it easy for parents and students to follow along as they explore the piano. Video Gallery


Petite People's Primer - Student Book Screenshots

Look inside the Petite People's Primer Lessons 1-3 using our PDF Viewer.


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