Recital 911

It's two weeks before the piano recital. I have secured a great venue and prepared a wonderful program. I have parents lined up to bring refreshments and take pictures. Invitations are going out and concert dresses and suits are being bought. Students are excited and parents are looking forward to seeing the children play. My students are working hard to learn their music. This is going to be awesome!

Is Everyone Ready?

But wait, not everybody is ready. What about Fred? He doesn't know his piece. He isn't ready to play. Now what? His parents are counting on coming, he invited his grandmother, she's coming...from Helsinki!! Sound familiar?

The Solution

Recital 911” to the rescue! I guarantee there is something in this little collection he can learn this week.

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The first two pieces are taken from Paloma Piano's “Petite People's Primer” and feature duets where the student only plays one note. This is great for absolute beginners (4-year-olds who just started) or our special kids. The other three pieces feature pieces with Alpha Notes and video tutorials that can be found on the website in the Video Gallery. Plus there is one extra duet that includes a student part written in an easy five-finger position. All of these pieces can be learned in an instant. Older students can go to the video gallery at Paloma Piano and watch full step-by-step tutorials of the pieces.

Video Gallery

I hope your students will enjoy them. I also hope that these pieces will help make performance time a little less stressful for all.


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