Shenandoah – Daughter of the Stars

This dreamy arrangement of the well-known American folk song Daughter of the Stars is a perfect choice for recitals. An all-time favorite of Paloma students this piece finishes off the method books as the final selection in Book 4.

Many may know this piece as "Shenandoah" or "Cross the Wide Missouri This is a beautiful arrangement that students and more advanced pianists of all ages will love to learn.


This piece had become popular as a sea shanty with seafaring sailors by the mid-1800s.  A version of the song called "Shanadore" was mentioned in Capt. Robert Chamblet Adams' article "Sailors' Songs" in the April 1876 issue of The New Dominion Monthly.  He also included it in his 1879 book On Board the "Rocket".  "Shanadore" was later printed as part of William L. Alden's article "Sailor Songs" in the July 1882 issue of Harper's New Monthly Magazine, and in the 1892 book Songs that Never Die. Alfred Mason Williams' 1895 Studies in Folk-song and Popular Poetry called it a "good specimen of a bowline chant". Wikipedia

Listen to Shenandoah - Daughter of the Stars:

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