Summerwind Mansion

This piece about they famous Haunted Mansion is great for students who love to play minor key pieces. The lyrics tell the story of the Old Mansion on the shores of West Bay Lake in Wisconsin. Summerwind Mansion is featured in Book 4 of the Paloma Piano Method.

Legend of the Summerwind Mansion

According to popular accounts, Summerwind was built in the early 20th century as a fishing lodge on the edge of West Bay Lake in Vilas County, in northeastern Wisconsin, and in 1916, purchased by Robert Patterson Lamont. According to some stories circulated, Lamont employed Chicago architects for the remodeling. Some versions of the story name the architects as Tallmadge and Watson. Supposedly the renovations took two years to complete.

Legends include claims that Lamont fired a pistol at a ghost one night and was so frightened that he and his family abandoned the house. Other legends include claims that subsequent owners Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw were so disturbed by hauntings that Arnold suffered a "nervous breakdown".  Wikipedia

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