Sweet Betsy

"Sweet Betsy Piano Solo" is an arrangement of the famous folk tune "Sweet Betsy from Pike" Ornamented fifths in the bass clef remind the listener of the sound of bagpipes. This piece is suitable for early intermediate piano students.

Folk Music

Folk Music, by definition, is the music of the people. It is simple enough that the average person can perform it and it reflects the lives and concerns of its people. Every culture has its own folk music; Music that has been handed down through generations and has endured the test of time.

Intriguing and mysterious, folk music is rich with historical references and imagery. Though we rarely know who composed a particular song, there is almost always a story that goes along with it. Folk music can tell us so much about a historical period and the people of that time.

Folk music is wonderful in so many ways! I believe it is a treasure that should continue to be passed along to our children. Here are some of the ways I make folk music a part of my studio. With pieces like "Sweet Betsy Piano Solo"

"Sweet Betsy Piano Solo History"

Sweet Betsy from Pike" is an American ballad about the trials of a pioneer named Betsy and her lover Ike who migrate from Pike County (probably Missouri) to California. This Gold Rush-era song, with lyrics written by John A. Stone before 1858,  was collected and published in Carl Sandburg's 1927 American Songbag It was recorded by Burl Ives on February 11, 1941, for his debut album Okeh Presents the Wayfaring Stranger. The melody is of English extraction and is also that of the ballad "Villikins and his Dinah". Members of the Western Writers of America chose it as one of the Top 100 Western songs of all time. Wikipedia

Listen to Sweet Betsy

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