Piano Recital Tips

As the school year comes to a close, teachers parents, and students
are looking forward to the spring recital. Here are some tips to make
recital time fun and (almost) stress-free. Here are 10 piano recital tips.


Piano Recital Tips for Teachers

1. Select a repertoire that is well within your students’ playing ability.
2. Give your students plenty of time to prepare the music.
3. Teach students to recover from mistakes, memory slips, or other problems that may occur during the performance.
4, Have students play their recital pieces for each other when they come into your studio.
5. Teach students to bow properly and exhibit appropriate behavior during the recital.


Piano Recital Tips for Parents

6. Encourage your child to practice and attend lessons regularly.
7, Have your child dress appropriately for the recital. This is a big deal,
neat school clothes, or church clothes, please.
8. Arrive on time and stay for the whole recital. Don’t leave after your child plays.
9. Turn off cell phones!
10. Let your child know how proud you are that they are participating no matter how he/she plays.
Let your child’s teacher know that you appreciate the effort required to host the recital.


Make it fun!

Above all have fun!! Meet the other families in the studio. I really look forward to recital time. I love seeing my whole studio at one time all together. I am so proud of the students. I am so grateful to the parents and guardians who take the time to bring their children to piano lessons every week.

Recital time is a chance for us to do something excellent! Dress up, bow, and do your best. Sure there will always be mistakes and mishaps, that’s part of the experience. This is a chance to learn to carry on with poise and grace no matter what happens.

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