“We live in this world in order always to learn, and to enlighten each other by means of discussion and to vigorously promote the progress and the fine arts.”

 –Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


“Art is not a thing, it’s a way”.

Elbert Hubbard


“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts, such is the duty of the artist.”

 –Robert Schumann


Five – six – seven – and point and point hop back two-three, lift two – three, lift two-three…

I’m sitting here on a Saturday afternoon listening to my granddaughter’s Irish dance teacher teaching her to do the reel. Why does this make me so happy? Why do we need dance, or music, or art, or literature for that matter? Why?

The world is full of art! Full! Some would even say the world itself IS art. The stars that adorn the night sky. The song of the northern cardinal. The dance of lightning bursting forth from the clouds; the story of humans themselves. You get the picture.


Since the dawn of time, people of every culture, and every corner of the earth have sung, played, danced, painted, sculpted, and told stories. The arts are with us when we celebrate, when we mourn, in times of peace and unrest. The arts make the meaningful times more poignant, they accentuate excitement and fill the lonely mundane hours.


Art is the essence of all that is good about humanity. As Schumann points out it can send light into even the darkest heart. The arts can make even the purest heart purer still.


So be happy teacher, you are an artist. Maybe you’re famous, maybe not. Nevertheless, you are shining light into the darkness,


Not only that, but you are also passing on that torch to the next generation. You are bringing order to the chaotic, replacing fear with beauty.


The arts strengthen the mind, bring joy to the soul, and vision to the future. The arts are about community, conversation, and dare I say, love. As artists, we love our art and our fellow artists. As teachers, we love our students. Yes, indeed we have something the world needs, the world needs the arts. The world needs music.



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