Classical Selections


First Classics Collection - Cover
First Classics Collection (Platinum)

Single Selections

Attwood - Sonatina - Cover
Attwood – Sonatina (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

An Image of Bach's Minuet in G Major
Bach – Minuet in G Major (Platinum/PlatinumBasic/Gold)

Bach - Musette
Bach – Musette (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Image with link to download Beethoven's Ecossaise
Beethoven Ecossaise in G (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Beethoven - Minuet in G Major
Beethoven – Minuet In G Major (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Beethoven - Russian Folk Song - Cover
Beethoven – Russian Folk Song(Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Beethoven - Sonatina in G
Beethoven – Sonatina in G (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Behr - In May
Behr – In May (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Bohm - Minuet
Bohm – Minuet (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

C.P.E. Bach - March in D Major
C.P.E. Bach – March in D Major (Platinum/Platinum Basic/Gold)

Paloma Piano - Chopin - Prelude in B Minor
Chopin – Prelude in B Minor (Platinum & Platinum Basic)

Clementi - Sonatina Spiritosa
Clementi – Sonatina Spiritosa (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Daquin - Rejouissance
Daquin – Rejouissance (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Dumcombe - Sonatina
Duncombe – Sonatina (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Duncombe - Trumpet Minuet
Duncombe – Trumpet Minuet (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Gavotte - Anna Magdelena
Gavotte – Anna Magdelena (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Gretchaninov - On the Swing
Gretchaninov – On the Swing (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Gurlitt - The Fair
Gurlitt – The Fair (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Paloma Piano - First Classics - Horvath - Canzonetta
Horvath – Canzonetta (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Hummel - Ecossaise
Hummel – Ecossaise (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Haydn - Scherzo
Haydn – Scherzo (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Jones - Minuet
Jones – Minuet (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Paloma Piano - First Classics - Martin - Etude Melodique
Martin – Etude Melodique (Platinum & Platinum Basic)

This is a cover image for Allegro in B flat by Mozart
Mozart – Allegro in Bb Major (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Mozart - Minuet
Mozart – Minuet (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Petzold - Minuet
Petzold – Minuet (Platinum/Platinum Basic/Gold)

Rameau - Rondino
Rameau – Rondino (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Paloma Piano - First Classics - Schumann - Chorale
Schumann – Chorale (Platinum & Platinum Basic)

Schumann - Melody
Schumann – Melody (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Streabbog - Fairy Waltz
Streabbog – Fairy Waltz (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Von Weber - Cradle Song
Von Weber – Cradle Song (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

Wohlfahrt - At the Playground
Wohlfahrt – At the Playground (Platinum/PlatinumBasic)

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