This is a summer like no other. The airports are packed, national parks are over full, and everyone is out and about. It’s no wonder, we pretty much lost last summer to COVID so the fact that people are letting loose and on the go is good news!


The bad news is that our piano students may not be doing as much practice as before.


So, what can we do? If you’re like me, you don’t really want to have students quit, but teaching students who haven’t practiced all week is…well…no fun. (That’s putting it mildly) No fun for the teacher, and no fun for the student either.

Let’s make piano lessons fun and rewarding. 


Paloma Piano has plenty of resources to help make lessons fun and keep things moving ahead, even if a few of your students are having a little trouble staying inside this summer.


Let’s fill up that 30 minutes and make time fly! Your students will be learning, and they won’t even know it! Best of all, everybody will be happy, you, your students, and their parents;) Here’s what we have for you!

For Beginners,

We have plenty of fun and easy music that you can pick up and teach in an instant.

Check out,

My Favorite Piano Book

The Spring Baby Animal Collection

Follow Me and Follow Me Too

The Mangrove Forest Collection

The Planets Collection

All of these pieces are specially composed to be super easy to teach and learn.

For Intermediate Students,

At the Carnival Collection

Super Shorties

Rhythm Rx

Reading Rx

Blues Level One

For Later Intermediate and Advanced Students;

The above resources plus,

Music Theory Book

Music Theory Worksheets

Any of our Early Intermediate Solos

Major Scale and Arpeggio Worksheets

We also have dozens of printable games that can be used online or in person! If you are teaching online simply email your student a copy of the printable game and you can both play!

If your students are away from the piano but would like to continue working on something take a look at the,

First 4 Before Collection There’s much more! Visit the Paloma Piano homepage where you will find links to all of these great resources!

If you would like to find out about becoming a member of Paloma Piano we have a number of very attractive membership options including a free membership that offers a large number of piano scores, teaching resources, and games. The free membership is forever free and no credit card is needed.  Check it out!

You can explore all of our free materials here.


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