Having fresh and interesting summer teaching ideas will motivate our students and keep our studios vibrant. It’s also fun for us as well.


I hope you will enjoy our Summer Listening Calendar and the other free resources in the Free Music and Games Library.


Summer is here, which is a great time to do some different things and explore new ideas.

Paloma Piano has a lot of free printable games and activities that can make your summer lessons fun!

How do you find them?

Go to the Free Music and Games Library and click on ‘Games’ on the sidebar. There are 34 games including:


  • Board games
  • Word search puzzles
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Origami fortune tellers
  • Note Spellers
  • And more!


In addition to our free games, we have amazing resources that are great for the summer or any time of year. Premium Members don’t forget to download these!


“Blues Level One and Two” are complete courses to teach your students to improvise and play the blues. Even if you have no experience and have never taught this genre before you can pick up the book and get started. There is a video on the web page explaining how it works.


“Learn to Play Lead Sheets” will walk you through teaching students to play from lead sheets.


“Let’s Learn Chords” Is the perfect companion to Learning to “Play Lead Sheets.” It features visual examples of chords.


“Composition Class Kit” is what my studio is doing this summer. I will host a once-per-week online class where we will work on composition. All of the materials are included.


There is too much to mention here. So go check out what we have!

Premium Member Area


Here is a link to the website tour that shows you what’s available.

Website Tour


Again, Welcome new members!


If you want to look at our membership options, click the link below.


A special thanks to our paying members. You all keep things going!








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