My last studio recital was supposed to be in-person but several people tested positive for COVID and two, it was moved to Zoom. It was OK but a few of my students were too nervous and became stressed out about the switch. So I’ve decided that we will have a pre-recorded holiday recital.

I am going to assign pieces for my students to learn. Once they learn their music they can send me a recording of themselves playing and I will create a recorded recital. I will set a date and we will all watch together on Zoom.

How it works

Students can record themselves (or parents can record their children) playing their piece. They can show hands only, back or side-view or whatever they feel comfortable with. When the student is satisfied with the performance they will send me the video. I will review the recordings with my students and if necessary remediate their work. I want to make sure they will be proud of and feel good about it.

I will use iMovie to create a nice video that we can all watch together.

I will not share or publish the recording to YouTube after the recital the video will be deleted, however, families may share their individual videos with families and friends. I will make sure families know this in advance.

The Value of Recordings

To be sure, live performances are beneficial. Having to prepare a piece and get up and perform it on the spot, builds character, confidence, and resilience in students. There is no substitute for this experience. I will always have live recitals as a part of my studio.

However, having to listen to yourself and perfect a recording is also a fantastic learning experience. I can tell you that it won’t be as easy for students as they think it will be. Here are the tips I am giving my students.

  • Take time to learn the piece well before you begin trying to record yourself.
  • Be patient, it will likely take a few “takes before you are able to get a video that you are happy with.
  • Do your best. Play carefully.
  • Have fun!

I am excited about our prerecorded Christmas Recital. My students and their families are looking forward to it as well. I think I may even post a video of myself as well, after all, it should be a great experience for all of us.

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