In my book “The Happiest Piano Teacher in Town” There is a chapter about the piano studio program statement. I believe most teachers already have a studio program statement. Teachers know intuitively what kind of studio they are running. I think it can be beneficial to think about this or even take it one step further and put it in writing.


Thinking through your Piano Studio Program Statement will do two things.


  1. It will help you find students that are a good fit for your program.

Teaching students who want to learn what you are teaching makes sense. Piano teachers are all so unique so are piano students. Teaching students who fit into your program helps ensure a successful experience for both of you.


  1. Having a program statement will help you feel organized and confident.

Piano teachers are unique. Knowing that you have thought through what you want to teach and how you want your studio to run will you stay on track. You will participate in the things you have decided are important and take on students who you are going to thrive under your tutelage.


My studio program statement is something I do for myself. I generally do not feel the need to share this with students and parents.


This is my Studio Program Statement each teacher will have his or her own.



  • How would I like my ideal studio to look like and feel like? Relaxed or competitive?

A relaxed but focused environment. A place where students who want to learn to play the piano can come and learn without stress or judgment. Students who want to learn the piano as a hobby or as a second instrument are welcome as are students who want to learn to play at a professional or semi-professional level. However, all students must practice at home and make progress.

  • What are my hopes for my students?

That each one will have a positive experience studying with me. That piano lessons will enrich their lives. That they will have a life-long love of music.

  • What kinds of things do I consider important for my students to be involved in order to fulfill my Mission Statement?

Students must practice independently at home.

Students must listen to a variety of great music.

Students should participate in performance opportunities (recitals, festivals, school accompanying, online recitals, etc.)

  • Will I have students participate in recitals, evaluations, festivals, and competitions?

Bi-yearly recitals, No festivals or competitions at this.

  • Do I consider it imperative for my students to continue studying the piano over the summer and during other school breaks?

Students are highly encouraged to take lessons for a minimum of six weeks during the summer break. If a student will be away lessons can be conducted online or a teacher can be found where the student can study locally.

Students who take the whole summer off may lose their slot for the fall.

  • Am I willing to teach adults? Preschool students? Special-needs students?

Yes, all students are welcome.

  • Will I teach siblings? If so, will I use the same method for each one?

Yes, siblings are welcome. Method and music selections will be determined according to the needs of each individual student.

  • Some students want to take piano lessons just for fun and may not be very motivated about practicing is this acceptable? or would I prefer more serious students?

Every effort will be made to help students establish and execute a workable practice routine.

Students show some effort and make progress. Students who are consistently coming to lessons unprepared, missing lessons and not making progress will be put on the last chance program.

Read about the last chance program – Time to Say Goodbye

Exceptions will be made at the teacher’s discretion for students who may be going through challenging situations.


It’s OK to Make Changes

I reevaluate my studio program statement each year. I may decide to participate in festivals next year as I have in the past or I may decide to focus on teaching adults. The main point is that if I know where I am going, I am more likely to get there and get there with the maximum amount of peace and joy.

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