Paloma Piano offers Free online piano books and materials, What are the advantages of being able to print your piano method books?

I have been teaching piano lessons for over 30 years. I have used many different piano methods and most of them are very good. I love to compose music and it has always been my dream to write my own piano method books and music and have them available online. Here’s why I decided to create free online printable piano books and materials;


It is less expensive to print free online piano books and materials than it is to buy piano method books and music.


Printable music means it’s easy to replace lost music, or reprint music and have a clean copy. You never have to worry about running out of books or not having what you need for your students.


I wanted to be able to add new music without having to republish books. In my thirty-plus years of teaching I have created many resources and written music for my students this is my chance to share with other piano teachers.


I wanted to create a learning community where piano teachers would be able to share ideas. When you join the Paloma Piano Community your ideas and suggestions matter. We are all interested in what you are doing with your music career. Paloma teachers are made up of composers and authors, as well as teachers who organize workshops and run non-profit piano organizations to serve their communities.

What music do Paloma Piano members get with a Free Membership?

Paloma Piano features:

The Petite People’s Primer-music for young students

Method Books-skill based progressive lessons

Music Theory


Reading exercises

Lots of great arrangements of folk songs from throughout the world

Original music for beginning through early advanced students.

These are some features of Paloma Piano’s printable piano music you might like.

All of the PDF music and graphics are black and white, to save you and your students money on printing.

The printable method books are each less than 40 pages making printing fast and easy.

New music is being on a regular basis.

Paloma members are welcome to offer suggestions, about the creation of new content.

Members can download and reprint the music for their own students.

These are just a few of the advantages of a printable piano method.

Thanks for reading!

If you would like to find out about becoming a member of Paloma Piano we have a number of very attractive membership options including a free membership that offers a large number of piano scores, teaching resources, and games. The free membership is forever free and no credit card is needed.  Check it out!

You can explore all of our free materials here.



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